Over the years I’ve created a wide range of music, acoustic, electronic and sound projects. These have spanned many genres, from punk rock to orchestral composition. My artist profiles on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud.

Below are some of my works listed in reverse chronological order.


Borderland: Love and severance on the new frontier


The Woods


Monkey King

  • The first orchestral concerto for sheng (Chinese mouth organ), based on the myth and stories of the Monkey King (Sun Wukong / 孫悟空/孙悟空).
  • On Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music

Seasons of Dreaming

  • A collaborative composition with my good friend and world-class sheng player, Wang Zheng-Ting, featuring live performance and electronics. 
  • On Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music

Pieces of Me



  • Punk rock from the swamps of yesterday, where cows swam freely through the oceans of our imagination. Moo.
  • On Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music

Fugue for Thought