Cedar & Lucas Update – Feb 2008

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally posting on the twins.I keep thinking i’m going to do a grand catchup, but alas, it just hasn’t happened. So, instead, I’ve opted for something quick in order to stimulate some sort of action.

Having fun on the spare bed – Lucas just worked out how to climb up onto it – look out here he comes!Here’s all the words we can think (roughly in order of adoption) that are currently in their vocabulary as of 2 Feb ’08 (16.75 months old):

  1. uh oh
  2. balloon
  3. ball
  4. fan
  5. ta
  6. cold
  7. ni-night
  8. mama
  9. dada
  10. cassidy
  11. tree
  12. ear
  13. shoe
  14. toast
  15. cheese
  16. banana
  17. nose
  18. sushi
  19. birdy
  20. doggy
  21. car
  22. bottle
  23. poo poo

A few random notes:

  • On the 30th of Jan I asked Cedar to get his drum. He walked off with intent, then got distracted. After, I asked him again to get his drum – he said, “Mm!”, and walked off. He retrieved his drum from a tricky location and brought it back with much glee. (Though he still does not actually say ‘drum’.)
  • On the 24th of Jan Lucas realised that he could walk backwards with much happiness, making all of us laugh with his silly backwards antics!

Lucas feeding Cedar, Cedar is tired.Cedar & Lucas Update -> Feb 2008

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