It’s hard to believe we’ll have a fourth child in less than two weeks. Having been so busy with Cedar, Lucas, Jasper and Collabforge (work), I fear Keri and #4 haven’t had the focus they deserve. I’m hoping for some headspace over the few weeks I’m planning to take off work, to connect with our newest addition to spaceship earth.

In the meantime, a few reflections…

I’m trying to imagine #4 on this log next to Jasper 🙂 ->


The boys are all excited about #4 – they have so much fun with each other (too much it often seems) I’m sure they’re expecting another maniac to add to the mix.


Jasper is very excited to finally be a big brother too!

“Gama Sherry” has come to lend a helping hand as well – thank you!

Cool cats:

Some fun in the sun:

Watching movies (while cuddling an ipad):

So erratic silence projects this year. Lucas explored the myths and realities of dragons with this project – “Dragons: Fact or Fiction”.

…and built quite a large paper model dragon (with plenty of help from mom and dad – very challenging!):

Meanwhile, Cedar expanded the space between his ears by learning about constellations, stars and the universe with his project, “My Planetarium”.

For this project, he built a small battery powered planetarium (again with plenty of help from dad, mom and grandma sherry!). It was pretty awesome when we turned out the lights and it projected stars on the walls and ceiling.

Well, I suspect the next time I post, it will be about a new bub. Until then…









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