Welcome to Stigmergic Collaboration’s New Home

This software provides me with a great deal more stigmergic collaborative capacity and much more control over my information than stigmergiccollaboration.blogspot.com did. Constructed with TWiki wiki, this site functions as my info portal, blog, information management system, and well, just my own personal digital playground with collaborative activities soon to come.

The site’s structure is pretty straightforward:

  • category links in right hand nav bar for blog content
  • links across the top to various info in the website

I am trying desperately to get some RSS feeds set up for the categories, however this is proving a bit more difficult than I anticipated. But I’ll certainly post word when this happens, until then, you’ll just have to wade through posts on my twin boys… sorry.

Alternatively, you can browse via tags in the archive. Please feel free to comment or email me – mark.alan.elliott AT gmail.com – if you have any questions or suggestions.

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