What does the collaborative stigmergic web feel like? Touch it…

How will touch screens transform the collaboration, the Internet & life in general?.. With the anticipated release of Apple’s iPhone, you can bet that the popularity of touch screens will ramp up. Especially with incredible technologies like these:


Watch video – from MERL

How does this relate to stigmergy? Well, just think about it this way – stigmergy is all about encoding some local environmental medium, & what touch screens provide (esp with multi touch types of technology) is considerably more capacity to encode the digital media before you with regard to both content (more points) & complexity (multiplicity & dynamism). (Personally, I can’t wait to be liberated from the keyboard – imagine your laptop as two connected planes of touch screen – mmm isn’t that better! )

How does this relate to collaboration? Almost the exact same principles apply – more content & more complexity means more interaction. How does this relate to the Internet? Gee, I can only think of about a billion ways!..

If you’re hungry for more, try a YouTube search on ‘touch screen’

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